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Emirates Academy, is the leader in OET coaching in Kerala with its state of art infrastructure, innovative teaching methods with memorizing techniques you will be able to master the OET like no one else and clear the test with the desired score that helps you live you dream.

We have a group certified trainers with huge experience backed with excellent score batch after batch. All trainers are completely dedicated and persistent in getting you to comprehend the OET by improving your weak section and making it an easy exam by assisting you understand the techniques involved in cracking it.

At Emirates Academy, you gain international exposure, understand the opportunity that awaits you overseas with enthusiastic teaching staff having appropriate knowledge that creates an atmosphere to excel in your knowledge and self-improvement.

What is Occupational English Test (OET) ?

OET is an international English language test that assesses the language proficiency of healthcare professionals who seek to register and practice in an English-speaking environment. It provides a valid and reliable assessment of all four language skills – listening, reading, writing and speaking – with an emphasis on communication in healthcare professional settings.

How is the Test Scored?

You will receive a Statement of Results which shows your score for each of the four sub-tests, on a scale from 0 to 500. Each of the four sub-tests is assessed in a specific way.

Listening and Reading

Your answer booklets for Listening Part A and for Reading Part A are marked by trained OET Assessors. These answer booklets are assigned to OET Assessors at random to avoid any conflict of interest. Your answer booklets for Reading and Listening Parts B and C are computer scanned and automatically scored.

Listening and Reading Assessors use a detailed marking guide which sets out which answers receive marks and how the marks are counted. Assessors use this guide to decide for each question whether you have provided enough correct information to be given the mark or marks available. Assessors are monitored for accuracy and consistency, and your Part A answers are marked by at least two different assessors.

Writing and Speaking

Your performances on the Writing and Speaking sub-tests are each rated by at least two trained Assessors. Audio files and scripts are assigned to Assessors at random to avoid any conflict of interest. Your test-day Interlocutor is not involved in the assessment process.

Writing and Speaking Assessors are monitored for accuracy and consistency, and the scores they award are adjusted to take into account any leniency or severity. If two Assessors award different scores to your performance, your script and/or audio file will be referred to at least one other senior Assessor not previously involved in your assessment.

For the Writing sub-test, each Assessor scores your performance according to five criteria: Overall Task Fulfilment, Appropriateness of Language, Comprehension of Stimulus, Linguistic Features (Grammar and Cohesion), and Presentation Features (Spelling, Punctuation, and Layout). The five criteria are assessed on a scale from 0 to 6 and are equally weighted. A score of 350 (previously grade B) for Writing requires a high level of performance on all five criteria.

For the Speaking sub-test, each Assessor scores your performance according to nine criteria. The four linguistically-oriented criteria are Intelligibility, Fluency, Appropriateness of Language, and Resources of Grammar and Expression. They are assessed on a scale from 0 to 6. Clinical communication criteria include Indicators of Relationship Building, Indicators of Understanding & Incorporating the Patient’s Perspective, Indicators of Providing Structure, Indicators for Information Gathering and Indicators for Information Giving. They are assessed on a scale from 0 to 3. A high level of performance on all nine criteria is required in order to achieve a score of 350 (previously grade B) on the speaking test.

At Emirates Academy, one of the top OET training institutes in Pathanamthitta, we offer comprehensive OET online coaching in Pathanamthitta, Kerala.


  • Role-Plays depending on your profession (Dentist, Nurse, Doctor, Physiotherapist etc).
  • To enhance overall communicative effectiveness.
  • Intelligibility – including pronunciation, intonation, stress, rhythm and accent.
  • Appropriateness – including the use of professional language, how to communicate with the patient etc.
  • Grammar and expressions.
  • Strategies of note-taking.
  • Detailed analysis of the question types.
  • Practice test with answer booklets and audio files.
  • General Preparation.
  • Skimming the passage.
  • Finding the central idea and summarizing.
  • Tracking Information.
  • Handling multiple choice questions.
  • Some common questions you will find in the OET Reading Test.
  • Guidelines for good writing.
  • Writing medical referral letter.
  • Sample letters to guide appropriate language, expression, letter structure and format.
  • Using correct grammar, vocabulary and punctuations.
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